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Trailer Hire

Quality Trailers for Hire

We currently hire a car transporter trailer, a box van trailer, with other trailers being added. All our hire trailers are well maintained to the highest standard. All trailers are available for hire from daily to long term contracts at the most competitive prices.

We understand the paramount importance of having reliable equipment when it comes to transportation. That’s why all our hire trailers are meticulously maintained to the highest standards. You can rest easy knowing that our trailers are in excellent condition, offering a safe and efficient solution for transporting your goods or vehicles.

Our hire options span from daily rentals to extended contracts, granting you the flexibility to choose the duration that precisely suits your needs. No matter the size of your transportation requirements, we have the ideal solution waiting for you.

Transport your goods or vehicles with confidence using our well-maintained and high-quality trailers.

When it comes to hiring a car transporter trailer or a box van trailer, look no further. We offer the utmost convenience with reliable trailers, exceptional service, and affordable prices. Whether it’s for personal use or business purposes, we have the perfect trailer waiting for you.

Make the right choice and trust us as your reliable trailer hire partner!

Please email or phone us for current prices.

Car Transporter Trailer

Car Transporter Trailer

Box Van Trailer

Box Van Trailer

Terms & Conditions

  • All hire trailers are provided with a theft deterrent device, full road lighting and spare wheel.
  • The hirer will inspect the trailer and sign for its condition on collection. Damage & differences to the agreed condition are at the hirers cost.
  • All hire charges must be paid for in advance, with a deposit of £150 paid for by a Debit or Credit Card.
  • The hirer accepts responsibility for the insurance of the trailer against theft, accident and third party liability regardless of whether attached to the hirer’s vehicle or uncoupled, from when it is assigned until it is signed back.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to satisfy all legal requirements such as suitable license, weight limitations, safe loading and trailer safety.
  • Day & week hire start from 9.00am or 4.30pm (3.30pm on Fridays). Trailers should be returned at 8.30 am or 4.00pm (3.00pm on Fridays). Additional or part days are charged pro-rata.
  • Weekend hire starts from 3.30pm on Friday, weekend hire finishes at 8.30 am on Monday. Trailers not returned by 9.00am will be charged for one additional day.
  • Bank holiday weekends hire starts from 4.30pm on Thursday and finishes at 8.30 am on Tuesday. Trailers not returned by 9.00am will be charged for one additional day.
  • We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice.
  • Reservations cancelled in less than 3 days prior to the booking hire date are subject to a £25.00 cancellation fee.
  • Proof of  identity and address required at time of hiring.