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Trailer Servicing

A J Grant & Sons offer a comprehensive Trailer Servicing and Repair facility. We also pride ourselves on our standard of work and our fast efficient and friendly service.

We strongly recommend your trailer is serviced every six months to ensure compliance with road regulations and pre-empt exorbitant repair expenses in the event of mishaps.

We are agents for premier manufacturers of trailer running gear such as Bradley, Knott-Avonride, Knott, and Al-Ko brake spares.

Catering to diverse preferences, we proudly extend our parts provision to encompass both UK and international trailers, welcoming an array of clientele.

When it comes to towing trailers, safety and reliability take centre stage. Making sure trailers are properly maintained and serviced goes beyond just protecting the load being transported; it’s also about ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. The UK, where trailers are widely used for different purposes, places significant importance on trailer servicing to keep the roads safe and journeys hassle-free.

The Role of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of trailers is essential to ensure their optimal performance. By conducting routine checks, potential issues can be identified and addressed before they escalate into major problems. This helps in preventing breakdowns during journeys, reducing the risk of accidents, and enhancing overall safety.

Ensuring Roadworthiness

In the UK, trailers over a certain weight must undergo an annual roadworthiness test, known as the MOT test. This test ensures that the trailer meets the necessary safety and environmental standards. Failing to pass the MOT test can lead to fines or even prohibition from using the trailer until it is repaired and retested.

Compliance with Regulations

Trailer servicing is not just a matter of safety but also a legal requirement. The UK has specific regulations in place regarding trailer maintenance and servicing. Adhering to these regulations not only keeps you compliant with the law but also demonstrates your commitment to road safety.

Visual Inspection and Identifying Issues

Performing a visual inspection of your trailer regularly can help you spot any signs of wear and tear. Look for rust, cracks, loose bolts, or any visible damage that might affect the trailer’s performance.

Common Trailer Problems

Understanding common trailer problems, such as brake issues, tire wear, and suspension problems, can help you detect potential issues early on. Unusual noises, vibrations, or difficulty in manoeuvering the trailer are indications that it may require servicing.

Recognising Irregularities in Towing

When you’re towing a trailer, it’s important to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any irregularities. If you notice things like swaying, fishtailing, or uneven weight distribution, it’s absolutely vital to get the trailer inspected right away. Ignoring these issues can be extremely dangerous and might lead to accidents while you’re on the road.

Always remember, safety should be your number one concern when it comes to towing. Taking care of any potential problems as soon as they arise can make all the difference in preventing any mishaps or disasters during your journey. So, don’t hesitate to address any concerns and ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Trailer Servicing
Trailer Servicing