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Roof Rack / Roof Box Fitting

Roof Rack / Roof Box Fitting

Embarking on outdoor adventures requires proper planning and equipment. Roof racks and roof boxes provide the ideal solution to transport your gear efficiently. However, the key to a successful journey lies in the fitting of these accessories. This is where A J Grant & Sons steps in.

The Importance of Proper Roof Rack / Roof Box Fitting

Imagine hitting the open road, only to find your equipment shifting or even worse, falling off. Improperly fitted roof racks and boxes can lead to hazardous situations, damage to your equipment, and decreased fuel efficiency. This emphasises the significance of getting the fitting done by experts.

Roof Rack Fitting

Our skilled technicians ensure your roof rack is installed securely. We take into account your vehicle’s specifications and your equipment needs, providing a customised solution.

Roof Box Fitting

Need extra storage space? Our roof box fitting service ensures your belongings remain safe and sound throughout your journey. We are able to offer a range of sizes to accommodate different loads.

Please email or phone us for further details.

Roof Rack / Roof Box Fitting
Roof Rack / Roof Box Fitting

The Fitting Process

Assessment and Consultation

We begin by understanding your requirements and assessing your vehicle. This helps us recommend the most suitable options for your needs.

Customised Fitting

No two journeys are the same. We customise our fitting solutions to accommodate your specific equipment and travel plans.

Secure Installation

Our technicians execute the fitting with precision, ensuring that your roof rack or box is securely attached, minimising any risks during transit.

Benefits of Professional Fitting

Safety First

Professional fitting enhances road safety. Your gear remains secure, preventing accidents and potential damage.

Maximising Space

Efficient fitting lets you optimize your vehicle’s space, allowing you to carry more gear and essentials.

Preserving Aerodynamics

Our fittings are designed to maintain your vehicle’s aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance and maintaining fuel efficiency.